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Sustainable practices

To reduce the use of chemicals as far as possible in the vineyards

We have introduced alternative techniques, such as the correct use of copper and sulphur (allowed in organic farming) and the use of beneficial insects in our vineyards, using the method of "reproductive confusion". This is a biological procedure to fight harmful insects by limiting their reproduction through the use of pheromones ("reproductive scents" which prevent the harmful male insect from finding and fertilising the female).

Meticulous and constant care of the vines ensures excellent ventilation and a phytosanitary protection for the grapes.

The grassing over of the land protects it from erosion and the planting of plants rich in nitrogen reduces the need of fertilizers.

We preserve the local flora. Many species of orchids, some being extremely rare, are now protected species on our lands.

We installed solar panels for our hot water supply (used for cleaning the wine cellar equipment) and photovoltaic panels for our electrical supply.

Water supply is precious in the hot lands of Sicily and for this reason we have developed efficient ways of collecting and conserving water. There are artificial lakes on the estate (from which winter rainfalls are kept for use in summer) for adequate irrigation of our vines, without the need to draw from external water supplies.

Controlled drip irrigation systems maximise the efficiency of water supplies and guarantee that the water is used only where necessary.  To preserve the water supply, the waste water is channelled into and purified in an organic mud water purifier so that it can be put back into the reservoirs.

All our packaging is separated and sent to be differentiated and recycled.

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