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Art of Sicily

This line of wines is born from the great passion of Totò, aka Barone d’Albius, for vines and ceramics, that for him are the highest expressions of Sicilian art and ethos.

Totò is a historic vine grower in Sicily

Totò is a historic vine grower on our Villa Albius estate in the region of Ragusa, Sicily, an enchanting land caressed by the breeze coming from the nearby sea and defined by the gentle geometry of perfectly curated vineyards.


Totò knows every single vine and its history; he nurtures them like father to son.

He cares for the vines in the same way that he decorates pottery vases and plates, his second passion.


As an artisan in ceramics, Totò always gets inspiration from the natural and cultural heritage he can find in the Island.

He pays homage to the graceful lines and curves of the pathways in the vineyards, to the profiles of the houses in the historical villages, to the colours and hues of the Sicilian flora. Also, the modern elegance of his ceramics as well as the beauty of his vines are profoundly influenced by the most famous artists who have given Sicily great works of art.

Totò is known to us all as “U’ Baruni Albius”(“Barone d’Albius”). In the late middle ages, the title of Baron was granted by the King, alongside a fiefdom to manage. Nowadays, in this part of the world, it is a nickname given to those whose renowned wisdom and knowledge has earnt them high esteem within their community.

We have dedicated this fine range of wines to our Baron Totò, who cares for the vines with the same style and precision that he uses for his ceramic art.

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